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Louise Bennett - Light Between Our Oceans
Louise Bennett - Light Between Our Oceans

Light Between Our Oceans, 2017

three-channel audio and colour video, speaker stands


24 FEBRUARY - 14 MARCH 2017

Bus Projects

LIGHT BETWEEN OUR OCEANS is a three-channel visual audio installation that furthers Louise Bennett's research on the sculptural and viewer-activating attributes of video; as well as on mediation, the inbetweenness of perception that underlies our experience of reality.

These works transform audio into objects that aim to spark a multi-sensorial reaction on the viewer, they're simultaneously sculptures and portraits of a multifaceted reality. Within deeply zoomed-in images, we peer through the fabric of the digital to divine horizons, suns, clouds and smoke; all elements of a distinctive Lima landscape, here rendered into something that exists between documentary footage and abstract painting. The visitors' bodies can transit through the areas left empty by this fragmented representation of experience, birds fly from one screen and vibrate through bodies to reach and reappear in the next; the viewer thus becomes part of an immediate and ephemeral full picture.

The audio of each piece represents a different plane of intimacy: shower singing and water trickling in the familiarity of a daily routine; the breathing and kissing mixed with street sounds of a duo sharing enclosed space; and the fireworks, explosions and whistles of a collective celebration, the soundtrack of both festivity and warfare. These different planes complete Bennett's intent to form a feedback loop of emotional representation. From her position in the Pacific Coast of Lima, she puts together a multi-layered audiovisual love letter that in a way began in her childhood, while staring at the horizon in Queensland's Maroochydore Beach and unknowingly facing the future at the other side of the ocean. The process continues in the present, with the artist staring at a horizon that aligns with her past. The love letter entails experiences that mesh together, a higher dimension vibrating with futures, pasts, intimacies and presences.

Also shown at the Institute of Modern Art (IMA):

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