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Louise Bennett

Words on practice:

My art practice aims to trigger experiences of shared intimacy by offering ‘wakeful breaks’ to pose questions about how our concepts of and engagements with nature and each other are shifting in contemporary contexts dominated by screen-based technology. I explore this through spatial video works, synesthesia sound to drawing processes and site-specific installations in both public spaces and art gallery museum contexts.


My work investigates the mediated space that separates our experience of reality from our perception: the in-betweeness, that gaseous middle-ground floating between reality and our experience of it. I approach video and sound in a haptic physical sense to interrupt the viewing process in order to evoke a self-reflexive, contemplative, multi-sensory viewing experience. My work also extends beyond the screen to outdoor site-specific interventions and sonic experiential works in urban and rural landscapes. I narrate journeys in car ride performances, install banners in nature, audio works in trees and video projections inside trucks in public parks to orchestrate specific embodied experiences of landscape.


The practice aims to lightly diffuse our spatial references and our sense of a fixed-position, to simultaneously point inwards – and beyond ourselves. It is this immense internal intimacy and the complex layers of privacy that we inhabit in public spaces that I will continue to explore, to open alternative ways of understanding, being and connecting with each other in our shared spaces.



Louise is currently working from the opposite side of the South Pacific Ocean in Lima, Peru. She holds a BFA with honours from the Queensland University of Technology. Recently she exhibited at the Institute of Modern Art (IMA), the Watou Kunstenfestival in Belgium, and the historic site of Barranco’s Funicular in Peru. Bennett was awarded the Brisbane City Council Lord Mayor's Young and Emerging Artist Fellowship 2016, and the Media Art Asia Pacific (MAAP) Artist in Residence Award in 2015. She has exhibited in solo exhibitions in Brisbane with Media Art Asia Pacific (MAAP), David Pestorious Projects, Boxcopy; and the Ionion Centre for Culture & Art in Greece. Bennett is also a co-director of the Brisbane artist run initiative Accidentally Annie Street Space.




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