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2009:   Bachelor of Fine Art Visual Art (Hons), Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane.



2016:   Lord Mayors Young and Emerging Artist Fellowship, Brisbane City Council - Recipient.

2015:   Arts Queensland Individuals Fund Development Grant - Recipient.

2015:   Media Art Asia Pacific (MAAP) Residency Award.

2014:   Churchie National Emerging Art Award – Finalist.
2012:   Arts Queensland Career Development Grant - Recipient.
2012:   Churchie National Emerging Art Award - Finalist.
2011:   Churchie National Emerging Art Award - Finalist.
2011:   Jeremy Hynes Award, Institute of Modern Art - Finalist.
2010:   Melville Haysom Memorial Art Scholarship, Gallery of Modern Art/Queensland Art Gallery – Recipient.
2009:   Dean’s List for Excellent Academic Performance, Queensland University of Technology – Recipient.
2008:   Dean’s List for Excellent Academic Performance, Queensland University of Technology – Recipient.
2007:   Golden Key International Honour Society, awarded membership.



2017:   Arteles Creative Centre, Haukijärvi, Finland. 

2017:   Casa na Ilha, Ilhabela, Brazil.

2016:   Visiting artist, Plan AutoPoiesis, Lima, Peru.

2016:   The Auxiliary, Stockton-on-Tees, UK.

2016:   Shankill Castle, Paulstown, Ireland.

2015:   Residency Award, Media Art Asia Pacific (MAAP), Brisbane.

2012:   Ionion Centre for the Arts and Culture, Artist Residency, Greece.



2017:   Mentored emerging artist Sophye Soliveau, Pisac, Peru.

2016:   Audio Post-Production Course, Maine Media College, Maine, USA.

2016:   Mentorship & Artist Assistant, Jemima Wyman, Los Angeles, USA.

2016:   Artist Assistant, Claire Roberston, large scale project, Pilbara Desert, Western Australia.

2015:   Black Card, Cultural Capability Framework based on Aboriginal Terms of Reference (ATR) using Aboriginal                           Approaches to Knowledge, guided by the BlackCard elders.



2018:   Light Between Our Oceans, Institute of Modern Art (IMA), Brisbane, Australia.

2017:   Light Between Our Oceans, Bus Projects, Melbourne.

2017:   Now is Now // Ahora es Ahora, Barranco Municipalidad Funicular, Lima, Peru.

2016:   The Sun From Your Past, Clutch Collective, Brisbane.

2015:   Emoji Flow, St Paul's Tce, Brisbane.

2015:   ALL AT ONCE, Media Art Asia Pacific (MAAP), Brisbane.

2012:   Kefalonia Dreaming, Ionion Arts Centre, Kefalonia, Greece.
2012:   Traces, Pestorious Sweeney House, Brisbane.
2011:   Traces, Metro Arts Program, Brisbane.
2011:   Screen Dreams, Room60, Brisbane.
2010:   Mood in Progress, Boxcopy, Brisbane.
2006:   17 Frames, The Outpost, Brisbane.



2017:   Media Nostalgia: Time Reflection, KOSMA International Exhibition, Gwangju, Korea and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Curated by MAAP Media Art Asia Pacific

2017:   Primer Contacto: EL CUBIL, SEQES, Barranco, Lima, Peru.

2017:   Earth Breathing, Collaborative audio installation and performance with Tomsuma (Kayo Ishikawa), Finland.

2017:   Our Sideways Time-travel, QUT Frank Moran Gallery, Brisbane.

2016:   VZW Kunst Watou Art Festival, Belgium.

2016:   Against the Grain Festival, Brisbane.

2016:   fail better - Franz Ehmann collaboration, Homeground, Boxcopy, Brisbane.

2016:   Sound collaboration with Caitlin Franzmann, Metro Arts, Brisbane. (Response to Zoe Knight's Untitled #5).

2015:   CHANNELS, Video Art Festival, Melbourne. 

2015:   Post Tourist, Kings ARI, Melbourne.

2015:   Another Queue, Accidentally Annie Street Space, New Farm Bowls Club, Brisbane.
2015:   La Movida, Biblioteca Municipal de Barranco, Lima, Peru

2015:   Caitlin Franzman's Chasing Infinite Junctures, Boxcopy, Brisbane.

2014:   Subtropic Complex, Institute of Modern Art and James St Precinct, Brisbane.

2014:   Churchie National Emerging Art Exhibition, Griffith University Art Gallery, Brisnane.
2014:   Presence/absence, Spiro Grace Art Rooms (SGAR Gallery), Brisbane.
2013:   Beijing Film Academy International New Media Arts Triennial exhibition, Beijing Film Academy, China.
2013:   Rinse and Repeat, The Hangar, Brisbane.
2013:   Field, The Hold Artspace, Brisbane.
2012:   Going South, Screen Space, Melbourne.
2012:   Churchie National Emerging Art Exhibition, Griffith University Art Gallery, Brisbane.
2012:   Smallgoods, Boxcopy, Brisbane.
2012:   Knock, Accidentally Annie St Space, Sebel Hotel, Brisbane. (Curated)
2012:   It’s a Small Small World curated by Hennessy Youngman, Family Business, Chelsea NYC.
2012:   Triangulate, Brisbane Emerging Arts Festival, Brisbane.
2011:   Secret Pint, Paper Plane Gallery, Sydney.
2011:   Skype Show, Accidentally Annie St Space, Brisbane. (Curated)
2011:   Churchie National Emerging Art Exhibition, Griffith University Art Gallery, Brisbane.
2010:   Present, Level ARI studio group show, Brisbane.
2010:   The Artist Handbook Exhibition, PS Gallery Artworkers, Brisbane.
2010:   Small Works 2010, Brunswick Street Gallery, Melbourne.
2010:   For Us By Us, Artist collaboration with fashion designers, Brisbane.
2010:   Broadcast, Level, Brisbane.
2010:   Invitational, Level, Brisbane.
2010:   Shape of Things to Come, Best of Recent Graduates, The Block, Brisbane.
2010:   Creative Outlets, Stones Corner Street Festival, Brisbane.
2009:   Everything et al, Metro Arts, Brisbane.
2009:   Pashing Seatbelts, QUT BFA Visual Arts Honours Graduate Exhibition, QUT The Block         
2009:   Recession Art + Other Strategies, Inbetweenspaces, Brisbane.
2009:   Drawn Apart, QUT Art Museum, Brisbane.
2009:   Sketch Pad, Parade Ground CI precinct, Brisbane.
2009:   House Party, Accidentally Annie St Space, Brisbane. (Curated)
2008:   Culture Vultures, Boxcopy Metro Arts, Brisbane.
2008:   Taste Test, QUT BFA Visual Arts Graduate Exhibition, H Block, Brisbane.
2008:   Fresher Cunts, Inbetweenspaces, Brisbane.
2007:   Dope, Transit Lounge, Brisbane.
2007:   That Depends (Ed Kuepper Live – video collaboration), The Judith Wright Centre, Brisbane.
2007:   Viewfinder, Metro Arts, Brisbane.
2007:   The Package, Video Collaboration with Dance, Metro Arts, Brisbane.
2006:   Transmute, QUT Creative Industries Precinct, Brisbane.
2005:   Smorgasboard, Metro Arts, Brisbane.



2016:   "The Sun From Your Past", Solo Exhibition Essay by Lisa Bryan-Brown.

2015:   “Digital Consequences”, Critical Solo Exhibition Review by Natasha Matila-Smith, EyeContact

2014:   “Presence/Absence”, Exhibition Catalogue, Essay by Jenna Baldock, Spiro Grace Art Rooms
2013:   “Rinse & Repeat”, Exhibition Catalogue, Essay by Laura Brown
2013:   “Field”, Exhibition Catalogue, Essay by Lisa Bryan-Brown
2012:   “Traces”, Solo Exhibition Catalogue, Essay by David Pestorious
2012:   “Cyberspace as Medium”, Critical Solo Exhibition Review by Carmen Ansaldo, EyeContact, June 10
2012:   “Triangulate –Brisbane Emerging Art Festival”, Exhibition Catalogue, Essay by Laura Brown
2012:   “Traces”, Exhibition Essay by Lisa Bryan-Brown, Griffith University Art Gallery for Churchie Emerging Art Award
2011:   “Traces”, Solo Exhibition Catalogue essay by Rachael Parsons, Metro Arts
2011:   “Inclusivity and Isolation”, Fillip by Peta Rake, Issue 15, 2011, p.70-78
2010:   “Abject Boredom”, Solo Exhibition Catalogue, Essay by Meg Hale, Boxcopy
2008:   “Culture Vultures”, Exhibition Catalogue, Essay by Daniel McKewen



2018:   "Bridging Daughters" interview with Claire Robertson and Gabriela Concha, InResidence 2017 In Review Publication.

2015:   "Louise Bennett : ALL AT ONCE : (embodied :/ remembered :/ mediated :/), Artist Book, created by Erika Scott. Self published.

2013:   “Knock – Accidentally Annie Street Space”, Critical Appraisal, Art Monthly Australia, Issue 257, March 2013, pp.56
2012:   “Knock”, Exhibition Catalogue Essay, Accidentally Annie Street Space
2011:   “Skype Show, Exhibition Catalogue Essay, Accidentally Annie Street Space
2009:   “House Party”, Exhibition Catalogue Essay, Accidentally Annie Street Space



2015:   Respondent to Panel: Institutions and Publicness, What Can Art Institutions Do? Symposium, Institute of Modern Art

2014:   Speaker at SafARI Sydney Biennale Fringe Event, “SaFORUM” Panel Discussion (Forum included talks from Mike
            Parr and Lisa Havilah), Kudos Gallery, Sydney.
2014:   Artist talk, “I <3”, Boxcopy, Brisbane.
2011:   Artist talk, “Traces”, Metro Arts, Brisbane
2010:   Interviewed TV Moore, GoMA/QAG Public Programs as part of the Melville Haysom Memorial Scholarship Award.
2010:   Speaker at “Invitational”, Panel Discussion, Chaired by Rachel Parsons, Level, Brisbane.
2010:   Artist talk, “For Us By Us”, QUT Fashion Precinct, Brisbane.
2010:   Artist talk, “Mood in Progress”, Boxcopy, Brisbane.
2010:   Panel discussion for “Broadcast”, Chaired by Dr Courtney Pedersen, Level, Brisbane.



2016- 2016: Research and Program Officer, Media Art Asia Pacific (MAAP), Brisbane.

2014 - 2016: Philanthropy Relations Officer, Queensland University of Technology, fulltime position, Brisbane.
2009 - current: Co-director of Accidentally Annie Street Space, Artist Run Initiative, Brisbane.

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