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Artist Book

ALL AT ONCE : (embodied :/ remembered :/ mediated :/) 

The book titled, Louise Bennett : ALL AT ONCE : (embodied :\ remembered :\ mediated :\) is a collection of images that have informed Louise Bennett’s artist residency and solo exhibition at Media Art Asia Pacific (MAAP) in 2015. The images include process work, peripheral influences, practice-led research, social media content, exhibition documentation in addition to social and travel photos taken during the residency and exhibition time. 


These images have been re-worked and collaged by artist Erika Scott to produce an artist book that becomes an artwork in and of itself. The book includes an essay by artist Michelle Eskola that unpacks some of the key ideas from the exhibition. In her words, “Louise Bennett’s exhibition All at Once explores screen-based mediation as an unstable fluid space of rainstorms and unpredictable futures. All at Once investigates the conditions of the present moment of experience by exploring the emotional, spiritual and technical properties of digital media”. The essay is a reflection on her experience of the exhibitions opening night. This is Louise Bennett’s independent publication with a limited print run of 50. 



Available for purchase at the Institute of Modern Art in Brisbane.

Click images to view a preview of the book.

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